Helping You Connect With Your Furry Friend

Telepathic Animal Communication Services for Pet Owners

Helping You Connect With Your Furry Friend

Telepathic Animal Communication Services for Pet Owners

Making Telepathic Conversations With Your Animal Companion Possible

At some point, everyone with pets wishes they could understand what they think, want or need. I can help with that. You will be able to have conversations with your furry friends.


About Jasmine

How I Started

I believe everyone has an inborn ability to communicate telepathically. Like most people, I was not aware of my ability. That changed when I consulted an animal communicator to help me understand my own cats. She told me it was possible to develop my own telepathic abilities. Shortly thereafter, I took my first class. With plenty of practice and dedication, I have been telepathically communicating with animals for the past 30 years.


My Education

Before developing my skills as an animal communicator, I worked with people as a psychotherapist.

Afterlife Communication

One aspect of telepathy I find especially fascinating is afterlife communication. I have had a lifelong interest in what happens after death, and I have researched extensively what the afterlife is like for animals and people. I have spoken to hundreds of animals that have passed on. Which has provided great comfort for their human families.

Animal Communication

Feeling at a Distance

Animal communication is telepathic. Our companions can communicate telepathically what they think and what they feel, both emotionally and physically. Telepathy literally means "feeling at a distance" and works just as effectively and quickly from a few feet away as it does from a thousand miles away. You’ll be able to connect with your pet even when you’re apart.

Understanding Better

Animals want to be heard and understood, just as people do. Feeling misunderstood can be a significant source of frustration for animals. This can sometimes lead to behavioral problems. With animal communication, it will be easy to understand why your cat stopped using her litter box or why your dog acts aggressively toward the neighbor's dog.

My Services

Telepathic animal communication can deepen and enhance the relationship you have with your animal friends. At my sessions, I focus on problem solving. This includes healing work and suggestions for supporting behavioral changes.


Some Issues I Frequently Encounter

  • House Training/Litterbox Issues

  • Not Getting Along with Other Animals in House/Stable

  • Aggression with Other Animals Outside/Inside the Home

  • Separation Anxiety/Bonding Issues

  • Food Preferences, and Other Likes/Dislike

  • You Think Your Animal is Trying to Tell You Something, But Not Sure What

  • Questions About Health Conditions & Treatment from The Animals Perspective

  • Your Animals Point of View on End of Life Issues

  • Communication with Animals Who Have Passed On

Phone Consultation Pricing:

  • $50 Half Hour
  • $100 Hour

*Please take note that any of my healing work is in support of and not a substitute for necessary veterinary care.

Schedule an Appointment

To contact me, send an e-mail to or call me at (207) 751-8187. My sessions are available within a few days of booking. I encourage you to leave a recommended date and time with the time zone you are in. Fill out the contact form and improve your relationship with your animal friends today!

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